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ABOUT US Point Zero Ltd is owned by Maddy Clifford, Geoff Wood and Mike Browne. Maddy has been active in the sport of Skydiving since 1996 and during that time has been a regular fun jumper at a number of Drop Zones and has worked within the Parachute Industry since 1998. She is a current British Parachute Association Category System and Accelerated Freefall Instructor. Geoff is an active Tandem Instructor and Mike, now retired from jumping, plays an active role in the DZ management. Geoff and Mike have both been involved in the industry for many years and are also the current owners of Hinton Skydiving Centre (www.skydive.co.uk) and DZ Sports Ltd (www.dzsports.com).

Point Zero Ltd can supply specialist services such as Wind blades, Display Flags and a variety of Stunt Harnesses. Artwork is a speciality of Dave Gould, Advanced Rigger and Manager of the rigging workshop. Dave's skills in this field are well known and much of the artwork seen today on canopies and display flags in the UK is Dave's handiwork. Dave has a wide range of experience packing on average over 250 reserves in a year, not to mention the complex rigging that passes through the workshop, from simple velcro replacement to complete harness replacement. Dave is a truly talented rigger and has a fine eye for detail, which is one reason why the workshop is never short of work.