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  Canopy Artwork and Flags

Pointzero specialises in canopy artwork and flags, which can add an outstanding impact to any display jump. This allows you to add real value to your customers when they see their company name and logo flying gracefully in the air from 1500ft.

Our standard display flag is an impressive 200sq ft flag it has a 20ft tail with a 10ft drop. In our experience the 200sq ft flag offers the best in terms of visibility for the spectators and in terms of value for the sponsor.

Canopy artwork offers the same benefits as the flags but due to the restricted area of the canopy visibility is less defined from display jump altitudes. However the canopy artwork is a fantastic tool for high impact promotional photo shoots such as magazines, adverts and promos

Our flags are sewn not printed, this allows for a more visible image as there is no show through on the flag. The flags are made mirrored imaged. The material used in the construction of the flag is a hard wearing 4oz nylon well designed for the high wind speeds and great flight characteristics.

All our flags come as standard with deployment bag, weight, and cutaway system.

When it comes to canopy artwork our standards are high. All artwork is sewn to the canopy panel by panel using the same fabric material as the canopy itself so as not to disturb the flying style of the canopy. Due to the nature of modern canopy fabrics it is possible to remove the artwork from the canopy without damaging the material, unlike other suppliers who glue or print onto the canopy, removal would damage the material and therefore right off the cost of the parachute, our method allows you to reuse the canopy time and time again for different customers.

Prices vary from design to design and delivery times are always dependent on material colours in stock and availability, however we always try to meet your deadlines.

Please call or email you requirements through and we can supply a quote by return.